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TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections, Display Energy Certificates and Energy Performance Certificates 

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"PE Energy Solutions have recently produced Energy Performance Certificates and TM44 reports for our company. All were done promptly and efficiently and I am happy to recommend their services."

Ian Silverstone, Facilities & Premises Manager, moneycorp CFX Limited. March 2017.



PE Energy carried out our TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection following a recommendation from our air conditioning engineers.  He carried out his inspection in accordance to CIBSE guidelines in a through and professional manner.  


The resulting report delivered key areas of improvement to reduce energy use and improve the performance of our air conditioning systems.  As a result we carried out his recommendations by replacing four systems, including one that contained R22 refrigerant, and another system that had reached end of life.  


In addition he also recommended other building specific recommendations including the implementation of a Solar PV array which we have now completed.


I have no hesitation in recommending PE Energy for their professional and client facing work and his commitment to helping clients not only comply with legislation but to also help us reduce our dependence on grid energy.


Sue Carvell, Acting Practice Manager, On behalf of Kingswood Surgery



Legal Compliance in Buildings


Managing and operating within a business that is flouting the law can be costly and could result in legal recourse by the authorities. However, some legislation actually can deliver savings to the bottom line if done correctly.

 The most common energy legislation within building efficiency is the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2007. Under this legislation requires that companies possess Energy Performance Certificates if they have leased or bought a building, a TM44 Air Conditioning Certificate if they operate air conditioning systems and a display energy certificate, i.e. the operational rating of a building, if they are a public building that is frequented by members of the public and relates to government organisations including schools. The latter can also be applied in the non public sector if desired and is seen as a companies commitment to energy efficiency if displayed for clients or members of the public to see.


 Energy Performance Certificate

 An EPC is required when a building, (including a part of a building which has been designed or altered to be used separately), is constructed, sold or let. In respect of non-dwellings, the responsibility for ensuring that certificates and inspections are carried out is shown in the table on the right. Building owners need to be aware that for enforcement purposes, it is the responsibility of the relevant person to make sure that the EPC is made available and provided to the ultimate buyer or tenant. This is the case, even if in practice this is done by someone else (e.g. an agent or building manager/ managing agent). If you require a commercial EPC just ask us and we will provide you with a quote.


 Display Energy Certificates

 If you are a school or academy or a local authority, police, fire or NHS body then you will require a display certificate. The minimum threshold is for buildings of 250 square metres and you should of had your certificate issued by now. Buildings of 1,000 square metres or more will have required these since 2009 and should have had then updated every year since.

 At PE Energy we manage over six hundred sites each year for DECs and are now helping those sites to implement ways of improving their ratings and ultimately reducing costs. Schools in particular are under pressure to reduce costs as a result of budget squeeze so anything that we can do to help a school we will. Our renewal rates are very low and our audit rates very reasonable and very thorough.


Display Energy Certificates London


 TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections

 The Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations 2007 introduced a legal obligation, TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections, on any person or persons who control or manage the operation of an air conditioning system to ensure the system is inspected by the 4th January 2009 for 250kW and larger systems and by the 4th January 2011 for systems between 12kW and 250kW.

To date we have completed over 900 TM44 air conditioning inspections.


This means that every installation in England and Wales over 12kW must now have an inspection certificate and report in place (with the exception of systems installed after January 2008 which must be inspected within 5 years). The next round of renewals will be due in January 2016 so call to book our TM44 assessor as soon as possible to ensure you get this renewed on time.

Who can carry out these inspections?


Inspections can only be carried out by certified non domestic energy assessors/ inspectors and registered to a certified accreditation scheme. Our inspectors are registered with CIBSE, Sterling and Quidos.

Why should i get my system inspected?


The aim of the inspection is to show you how efficient your current system is and provide guidance on how to improve the operating efficiency and reduce costs. This principle follows and meets the guidance outlined by the European Directive.


Who regulates this? 


Trading Standards, it is the duty of every local weights and measures authority to enforce the air-conditioning inspection duties in its area.  Powers of regulators:  They have power to require a person to produce within seven days an air-conditioning inspection report for inspection, up to six months from when that person was subject to a duty in relation to that document.  The penalties:  For failure to have an air-conditioning inspection, or retain or pass on the inspection report, the penalty will be £300.00. For failure to produce a document to an authorised officer when required to do so the penalty is £200.00. The minimum fine you would expect is £300.00 The receipt of a penalty charge notice does not remove the need to comply,  You will most likely be repeatedly fined until you can produce your air conditioning inspection report.  The fine relates to per site, if you own or are responsible for several sites, you will receive a fine for each individual infringement. If you do not pay the penalty charge, or you do not pay it following an unsuccessful review or appeal, then the amount will be recovered as a debt through the County Court. 

How do i get my TM44 Air Conditioning inspections done or for any other compliance certificate?

Quite simply give us a call 01394 825933 or send us an email. You can reach us by email on


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