IOT Building Control Systems

A new revolution in building control has arrived and marks the next generation of IOT intelligent building control systems.


Utilitywise, DELL and Cisco have partnered to produce the latest and best IOT technology for managing buildings and their contents. Already a major retailer in the UK has adopted and deployed the solution saving millions of pounds in licence fee charges and improved access to information and control across all sites via Utilitywise's central control centre. 


If your business uses major building management control systems then this is for you. In simple terms the platform does the following:




1. Connect:

Allow data to be extracted from systems, equipment and sensing devices

2. Collect

Centralize data from multiple systems/sources

3. Analyze

People & Technology use data to generate actionable information 


Utilitywise IOT platform

An open enterprise platform that integrates all Critical Asset Data into a single, easy to use, Internet web-enabled portal able to be displayed on Smartphone Technology

Interface with asset management infrastructure: lighting controls, energy monitoring, security systems, network devices, power systems, financial systems and enterprise databases compatible with SQL, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, HSQL

Utilise IT infrastructure, existing Asset management systems and all interoperable enterprise applications. 

Case Study with a Major retailer

Multi site requirement over 650 sites

Provide a fully open system with NO recurring licences fees

Complex estate structure which is totally locked

Commitment to reduce carbon footprint and be ready to set up as an aggregator using second by second data and not day plus 1 

To find out more call Philip on 01394 825933 to book an appointment with the engineer whom invented the solution and to learn about the real case study right here in the UK and find out exactly how much money they have been able to save. If you are a major retailer, a manufacturing company, major bank or financial institution then this is for you.





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