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LED Lighting, Energy Procurement, IOT building control systems, energy monitoring and metering.


The fundamental route to an efficient profitable business is to not only make sales but to also keep costs as low as possible. Energy in buildings forms the greater cost for many organisations particularly those with large infrastructures or multiple locations.

 The implementation of energy efficiency measures is our bread and butter and has been for ten years. We have helped countless organisations and public bodies to reduce costs through a series of logical affordable measures with reductions in energy costs of between 20% and 60% the norm.
 Here are just a few of the measures that we take on a regular basis for our clients:

 1. The purchase of Power (energy procurement)
 Too often companies are paying too much for power or are about to end a current contract and are likely to see a leap in costs. With our panel of independent brokers we will find the best energy contracts available using not only experienced brokers but also the latest in technology systems to search for the best price with the most appropriate contract term. We work with a number of energy brokers ensuring that we find the best deal for our clients.


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 2. Lighting and lighting controls
 The simplest and fastest way for companies to reduce costs. Lamp replacement normally ends up with certified LED technology sourced from reputable suppliers where the lamp quality has been verified and can be case studied. in conjunction with lamp replacement is the correct installation of automation controls including motion sensors and day light sensors. The array of lighting products can make the selection process quite daunting so we provide a full turn key solution right from the audit through the installation and quality management under a warranty agreement i.e. replacement of any units that fail in the first year. In addition we can provide finance under a lease agreement or if implementing other solutions we can fund it under a Power Purchase Agreement. We are working with numerous sites including public sector, education and manufacturing organistions with saving being achieved around 60%.

 3. IOT Building Management and Energy monitoring and metering
 The best way to find out where energy is being wasted is to meter the assets that consume energy. We have many years of experience on the best solutions for not only measuring energy use on major plant but also to use metering to measure energy used at granular level and even for clients with sub tenants in modern office space. Our energy monitoring system partners are all credible companies with solutions used in the FTSE 1000. Measuring energy used in the first stage of knowing where to tackle power wastage so installing metering is always top of our recommendation list of things to do to ensure success when tackling energy waste. We have selected to work with just two providers of energy monitoring and metering systems as we believe they are the best at what they do at an affordable price.


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