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Enhancing Renewable and alternative Power provision



Super Tri-generation, the next generation of super efficient thermal and chilling plant


The Escopod is a unique energy system we call Super Tri-generation. This enables Escopod to generate electricity, heat and provide refrigeration with 0% wastage. The efficiency of the entire process means you gain €94.27 for every €35 of energy put through it. Escopd gives you the power to save.



The EscoPod has been developed in-house to disrupt the standard way of thinking about thermal processes. It is innovative, logical, reliable and is the energy concept of the future:‌

• Saving energy. money, and CO2

‌• Reducing thermal energy bills by over 80%

‌• Supporting your sustainability efforts

*Based on gas 3.5c/kWh; Electricity cost 11c/kWh; 6,000 operating hours per annum.




Solar Power


Solar power is fast becoming the heart of tailored, distributed generation solutions worldwide due to its cost-effectiveness, reliability, versatility and speed of deployment. Our carefully selected partners and installers provide unmatched expertise allowing us to offer funded solutions with power supplied under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). PPA installed solutions are now the most common form of installed project as it provides clients the best way or guaranteeing a saving of 25% or more.




SolarWall is fast becoming the leader in alternative space heating supply. Installed in a variety of commercial uses it's simplicity makes it a very easy sell to the board. SolarWall uses a series of thermal tubes in a vertical position where air drawn in through small holes heats up as the air rises upwards within the tube, air temperatures on average increase by 30 degrees C from bottom to top and is then drawn in to the building through ducting and controlled by a series of louvres and vents. 


The maintenance of SolarWall is very low and it's reliability extremely high making it an ideal solution for reducing space heating costs particularly in large buildings such as distrubution centres and manufacturing plants. The wall also works well on smaller buildings where airflow systems are also present with the use of ducted vents and pipework.


SolarCar EV Ports with battery Storage


With the advance in vehicle technology we have been fortunate enough to partner with one of the UK's leading SolarCar port providers. Not satisfied with providing simple EV points we have applied the addition of Solar Ports with battery storage for overnight charging facilities. Most works vehicles are on the road during the day and are charging up overnight, so why draw power from the grid when your EV point can draw from Solar power stored in a battery.


Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps


Extracting energy from the air or from the ground is now uncommon. However, energy captured and passed through a series of heat exchangers offers a real viable option for producing heat at higher temperatures. A good example is the use of ground source energy where heat is extracted from water at 10 degrees C and heat exchanged up to 60 degrees C. Such applications are perfect for any industry requiring a guaranteed low cost supply of hot water or pre-heated water that can be used in production processes or for supplying hot water to be further heated to steam temperatures.



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