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Small Office and Home Heating Thermostatic Control systems - TOP RECOMMENDED


tado° Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit V3+ with Two Add-on Smart Radiator Thermostats for Multi-Room Control, Works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and The Google Assistant.


  • Control your heating from anywhere with the tado° app on your phone, and have a clear overview of your climate History and savings.
  • Reduce your energy consumption, save money, and enjoy the perfect room temperature at all times With help from intelligent skills: geofencing, open window detection, and weather adaptation.
  • Auto-assist: for even more comfort you can automate Geo fencing and open window detection (available in-app, 2.99/month, 24.99/year, cancel anytime).
  • Smart Home INTEGRATION and voice control for your heating with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, and the Google Assistant.
  • For homes with an existing thermostat wired to a Combi boiler (I.E. No hot water tank). includes two Smart Radiator Thermostats for multi-room control.




tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ (vertical mounting) - Intelligent heating control, works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, IFTTT


  • Control your heating from anywhere with the tado app. Save up to 31 Percent on your heating bill with the intelligent Skills such as Geofencing, Open Window Detection and Weather Adaptation
  • Improved V3+: Air Comfort Skill: Provides insights about your home’s air freshness and outdoor air quality and helps you maintain a healthy climate at home
  • Auto-Assist: For even more comfort you can automate Geofencing and Open Window Detection (monthly subscription bookable in app, only £2.99/month, cancel anytime)
  • Smart Home integration and voice control for your heating with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and IFTTT
  • Works with all standard radiators with thermostatic radiator valves [vertical mounting]



tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat (vertical mounting) - Add-on for Multi-Room Control, intelligent heating control


  • Additional product of the tado starter kits: Add additional Smart Radiator Thermostats to your setup to control multiple radiators and zones individually
  • Upgrade to Multi-Room Control to maximise your comfort and energy savings. Manage all zones and settings within the tado app
  • Works with all standard radiators with thermostatic radiator valves. Simply replace the old conventional radiator thermostat - no tools needed
  • tado Starter Kit (V2, V3, V3+) including the Internet Bridge forms the basis of your setup
  • Box contains: Smart Radiator Thermostat (vertical mounting), various adapters, 2 AA batteries




LED Lighting Option for Home and Office - TOP RECOMMENDED





40W White Body LED Ceiling Panel Flat Tile Panel Downlight Cool White Super Bright 600 x 600, High Efficiency Premium Quality IC Driver [Energy Class A++]


  • White Body 40W LED Panel High Brightness 3 Years Warranty
  • Cool Pure White 6500k colour Pure White 4000 Lumens
  • 30,000 hours LED Panel, The side light source (light from four edges) and 120-degree beam angle gives you a perfect even light spread
  • 50% more light than that produced by a standard 4 × 18w Modular fitting
  • ULTRA SLIM line flat LED panel light, Energy rated A+






OUBO 5FT LED T8 Tube Light Fluorescent Daylight 150cm Natural White 4000K 23W 2900Lm Trasparente Cover SMD 2835 G13 230 Volts Led Strip Lights for Home, Hotel, Warehouse, Shops or Workplace 


  • 1. This tube light has a plug that can be connected directly to the power supply. The tube can also be connected in series, please note the total power can not exceed 200 watts when connected in series.
  • 2. The base made of aluminum can not be separated from the luminous area, better thermal conductivity and better corrosion resistance.
  • 3. Aluminum board and polycarbonate sheathing for led heat dissipation, life cycle of 30000 hours, replace conventional T8 fluorescent tubes.
  • 4. In contrast to some other Led fluorescent lamps, the Led strip is already included in this product so that the tube can be put into operation directly.
  • 5. Adapt the various sizes to your requirements: 60/90/120/150cm; Trasparente cover and milky white cover; Three color temperatures for you to choose warm white, natural white and cool white.






150W UFO LED High Bay Lumipro4 Chip Samsung, Light Fabrik, Welt, Garage, Werkstatt, Lager Lampe Industriebeleuchtung, 23 250 Lumen, 155 lm/w, 4000K (natürlich), Wasserdicht IP65 (150W Natural)


  • Lumipro4 - 150 watts Samsung LED Chips Module production 155 lumens per watt - Save even more by using an inexpensive power supply. The Highest Quality Components make it an industrial High Bay LED Lamp or Warehouse Light.
  • SMALL SIZE - The new "UFO style" is the latest LED technology. Smaller, more durable and more efficient. The new diameter is only 10.3 inches / 260 mm, it is more compact, without compromising performance. Stop replacing old metal halide, HID or CFL lamps with new High Bay UFO LED lamps
  • EASY INSTALLATION - The installed hook makes installation easy. Easy replacement of existing lamps or reinstallation. Product weight only 4.5 kg for easy operation.
  • BRIGHT, DIRECT AND CURRENT COLORS - 4000K colors provide pure bright light. An incidence angle of 120 degrees sends the light efficiently and effectively down. LEDs save the replacement of incandescent lamps. The aluminum housing with a technologically advanced heat sink protects the LED driver. Better heat dissipation ensures longer life and safety of the LEDs. Acrylic lens. IP65 Waterproof in all conditions. All covered by a 5-year limited warranty.
  • Lumipro4 150W is energy efficient. DLC stands for Design Lighting Consortium and verifies the actual light output. This 150 watt unit is tested at over 155 lumens per watt





LEDKIA Lighting 150W Solid LED High Bay (135 lm/W) - Special 60º PC White 5000K [Energy Class A+]


  • With a Power of: 150 W we will obtain a quality illumination with a minimum consumption thanks to its useful life of 50,000 Hours Hours.
  • The light source offers a luminous flux of: 20250 lm providing a constant and instantaneous illumination.
  • This product has the following dimensions: Ø415x625 mm it takes up little space, being lightweight and resilient
  • Product with high quality end. Approved by international certificates: CE & RoHS
  • Mainly manufactured in Aluminium - PC for long durability and strength.





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