PE Energy operates within the terms of the Data Protection Act. We are also ready for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which comes into force in May 2018. 

Much of our data is gathered from events that we speak or exhibit at and forms part of our attendance package. We also obtain relevant contacts from companies as Electric Marketing whom are members of the DMA and comply fully with the GDPR. They get their data from sources such as company reports, press releases, trade magazines, business news websites, company websites and social media. They focus on large companies and the key decision makers within those companies.

The key requirements of the Data Protection Act are that data is used responsibly, is checked regularly and that the person listed (or someone associated with that person) has not asked to be removed from that list.

If a person asks to be removed from our database, their name is immediately removed and systems are in place to ensure that their name is not added at a later date.

Our emails meet a tight requirement and that we:

  1. Only send mail that relates to business matters.
  2. Provide an option for the addressee to remove himself or herself from the list.
  3. If you are using email addresses your email must contain a mechanism whereby the person can opt out of receiving any further e-marketing communications from you. All it requires is a line at the bottom of the email saying 'if you don't wish to hear from us again, please reply with the word 'unsubscribe' in the subject line'. This is a central part of the Privacy & Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.

The data we use is checked every six months. When the new Data Protection legislation comes into force in May 2018 (GDPR) will will be llegally obliged to keep our lists updated. So that data we bought in 2017 can be used beyond May 2018. 

The Data Protection Act and its successor GDPR, exists to protect people from the unscrupulous companies who take no care over the compilation and updating of their data. Legitimate users of well researched and maintained lists have nothing to fear from this law.

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