Does your business have 250 employees or more and 500 or less? then read on

If your business fits into this category then PE Energy is here to help you reach and over achieve

your business's energy efficiency goals by joining the "Efficiency 365" Scheme.


For businesses of this size having the readily available funds to embark on an efficiency and compliance programme can be difficult. As you may be aware if you have more than 250 employees then you will need to comply with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme legislation, ESOS.


To help you do this, we will carry out an initial energy audit at no cost and provide a high level action plan and recommendations list on those areas you can tackle to reduce your business energy use. The audit will cover the following areas:


1. Site survey 

2. Review of heatin, cooling and ventilation systems.

3. Lighting

4. Controls

5. Motors

6. Anciliary devices

7. Energy contracts and pricing

8. Building fabric


The survey should take no longer than two hours to qualify for the free assessment.


As you can imagine there are thousands of companies that fit into this size category so we will limit this free service to only 15 companies from the 1st October 2018 to the 31st March 2019.


If this is of interest then give us a call on 01394 825933 or email and quote "Efficiency 365"


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